Monthly Archives: March 2012

on the Craftcast with Alison Lee

It was such sheer delight and an honor to be a returning guest on the Craftcast with the lovely hostess Alison Lee. We

what is it about striped stockings?

some of my latest works as seen on IG (credit: some of the textures are created by Bittbox on Flickr). Sharing: Thank

i live in the Maine woods

Sharing: I was thrilled to be one of the guests on Mark Lipinski’s show, Creative Mojo, yesterday. We talked

coastal maine signs of spring

the return of the common merganser as the ice breaks and melts… ahhhh! yes! Spring!… Sharing: Tomorrow

Somerset Digital Studio

Creative types like you and I are constantly exploring and challenging their creative capabilities, growing as artists

Winter Market

I could literally spend all day Saturday at the Winter Market in Brunswick, Maine. Well, guess what? The fam and I did

Digital Expressions — translated to German

My book, Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements, now has a German translation titled

bigfoot takes first prize

I started off my morning with an unexpected surprise. I was drinking hot coffee, iPhone in hand, opening up the

leap year adventure

Early morning in Portland (in Maine that is) has a different energy than the hustle and bustle feeling given off by