a hot lunch dream

If asked to whip up something in the kitchen, what would you make? My husband would toss some Asian greens, sauces, carrots, onions, garlic, chicken and noodles into a wok — that is his specialty. Me, I adore the taste of Mexican cuisine — simple — for the base I brown onion, garlic, swiss chard leafy greens and chopped stalks. Add the black beans and cook on low; simmering, blending flavors. In the last minute, stir in chopped cilantro and diced juicy tomato. Have a wheat tortilla or two warming on a pizza stone in the oven. Assemble with a dash of grated, seriously-sharp cheddar. Serve with ice-cold, organic blueberry juice — the tangy flavor is such a nice compliment to the food. Simply delicious. Healthy. A hot lunch dream. Truly.

Some happy music to go along with your dish — I am such a fan of fusion when it works like this! Did I catch you smiling ear to ear?