Wintertime invites meditation and introspection; a going within to visit the shadowy chambers of the soul. We must allow ourselves to become fully present in the quiet dark of the cave, sitting alongside our companion Higher Self. It is here that our future aspirations will be revealed to us, becoming bright and clear. For me, this particular winter cycle of my soul feels like no other I have ever experienced in my lifetime. There is an Awakening happening. A fire in my belly. Do you feel it too? So many of us are being called to unite and resist in the name of LOVE.

It’s time. Let’s roll!

2017. A new year. And I have a wish — that each of us may rise up to be our best selves and use our unique, special gifts to make the world a happier, safer, more just and peaceful place.

What have I been up to, creatively-speaking?

  • Working on my new website, secretly, behind the scenes of this existing one. The updated platform I am working with will allow my newly designed site to adjust to any device you choose to view it with — responsive to smartphone, tablet, or desktop. I hope to unveil it within the next couple of weeks. The design is minimalistic, to best feature my photography, but tricky to get just right, aesthetically.
  • Watching Netflix indie films. Sweet Bean, a Japanese film, has emerged as a favorite. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen, with simple, breathtaking cinematography and humanistic sentiment.
  • Taking walks through snowy woods and fields with either my iPhone or digital SLR in hand. Nature is generally quiet this time of year in Maine, peacefully tucked away underneath a blanket of white. I like to stand still in the middle of the forest and listen to the silence.
  • Reworking paintings in my studio. I seem to be going through a phase of reforming previous works; maintaining their bones, but adding new color and dimension to them; attempting to transform them into something more. At this time, for me, this process feels relaxing, meditative, comforting, and safe — things that I need to invite into my life after this election. I don’t feel quite ready for the electrifying feel of a brand new blank canvas.

I hope you are well, Friends.



Whatever is beautiful,
Whatever is meaningful,
Whatever brings happiness…
May it be yours this Holiday Season
and throughout the coming year.