DIY Easter Basket

Create a unique, floral DIY Easter basket with a tin pail, faux flowers, ribbon, and adhesive…This whimsical Easter basket can be made for pennies with dollar store finds. Here’s the how-to:

What you need:

  • small metal pail or bucket (I used a painted tin Easter bucket from the dollar store.)
  • 4 bouquets of faux flowers (also from the dollar store) — You may need more bouquets, depending on the size of your pail.
  • ribbon
  • adhesive (I used glue dots, but a hot glue gun will also do the trick.)
  • wire cutters

What to do:

  1. Pull the flowers off of their stems — they should come off with ease. Remove the plastic base of each flower and trim the wire so that it is flush with the petals. Adhere a glue dot to the back of each flower (hot glue should also work just fine, but I think that the glue dot may do a better job of holding the petals in place).
  2. Attach flowers to the pail, evenly spacing them horizontally and vertically.
  3. Adhere glue dots to the handle of the bucket (hot glue will also work). Wrap ribbon around the handle. That’s it!

Would you like some more DIY Easter basket ideas?

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