DIY Homemade Frappuccino — the Perfect Summer Drink

Welcome to DIY Fridays. Today I share with you my favorite recipe for a DIY homemade frappuccino. DIY never tasted so good!…

You’ll want to start with bold, chilled coffee — double strength is recommended, meaning, about one tablespoon of coffee per cup. Cream and sugar to taste — if you prefer, you can use ice cream instead, or add some Kahlua for an after-dinner treat. Mix in a blender with about three cups of ice (you can add more if you need to, to get your desired consistency). Adding garnish is the fun part! I like whipped cream, drizzles of chocolate and butterscotch sauces, mini chocolate chips and a very small dash of kosher salt (my secret ingredient) — there’s just something so yummy about that salty/sweet caramel. Mmmmmm!

I had so much fun making this DIY homemade frappuccino and was inspired to find more delectable DIY iced coffee drinks and ingredients via Pinterest and an internet search:

Best DIY Coffee Drinks

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