DIY Mini Modern Paint Chip Art

It’s easy and satisfying to create DIY mini modern paint chip art for your home — it’ll add some zing and whimsy to your home decor.

modern paint chip art

1. Supply list: assortment of paint chips, circle punch, substrates (I used two pieces of wood I got for free at our town’s recycling barn), craft paint, disposable or bristle brush, adhesive (not shown), ModPodge (not shown), wax paper, heavy book. Tip: Feel free to use as many substrates as you wish, in whatever size works best for your space.

2. Coat substrates with craft paint and allow to dry.

3. Choose a paint chip color palette or scheme and punch out your circles. The paint strips with hues of one color work great for this project! I went with yellow, orange and grey — I adore yellow/gray and orange/gray, so worked to combine them.

4. Seal your substrates with ModPodge (I prefer matte finish). You can also use gel medium.

5. Play with your chips to create a pleasing pattern that moves seamlessly from one substrate to the next. Coat backs of chips with a clear-drying adhesive. I used a Decoupage gel, because that is what I had on hand. Press and hold each chip firmly as glue sets.

6. Once all chips have been glued in place, put a sheet of wax paper over the artwork and put a heavy book on top as they dry. This will prevent any curling.

7. 30 minutes later my artwork is complete! Attach hardware on the back for hanging and display on your wall. Voila!

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