Gear + FAQs

What camera, lenses, and photo-editing equipment do you use? What about flash?

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP


External flash unit: Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash

Special Effects Lenses:

Editing Software:

Other: iPhone 8 Plus


The doll photo from your book ‘Digital Expressions’ is missing from the CD. Can you send it to me?

My publisher made an honest mistake and accidentally did not include the doll photo on the CD. They have created a link where you can download it HERE .


Can I advertise on your blog?

I am open to advertising on my blog in the form of a blog post, depending on the nature of your product(s). I no longer display ad badges on my site. Please send me your request via the ‘inquire’ link.


Can I post a photo and/or quote text from your blog or website?

Images on my blog and website are theft-protected/locked, so if you wish to post one on your website or blog please contact me via the ‘inquire’ link — as long as they are not images of my children. With my permission you may post a photo(s) and/or quote text from my blog or website as long as you credit me properly with my full name and include a hyperlink for any material used. My work is fully copyrighted, so please refrain from using it in your work and/or redistributing it.

Even though my images are theft-protected/locked, I do allow pinning of my images to Pinterest. Simply hover over a blog image and you will be given the option to pin. Please keep the credit intact.


How do you manipulate your photos?

I use a variety of techniques that I am happy to share with you in both my books and my online workshops. I give away lots of free tips in my monthly-ish newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.


Can I do an interview with you for my blog/website?

That would be wonderful. Please contact me via the ‘inquire’ link and I will be happy to talk with you about this possibility.