iPhone Photo Artistry

between the worldsthe scent of wet woodssea smoke


In honor of Rosa… Rhoda “Rosa” Abbott, 35, refused to leave Titanic because the Ship’s crew would not let her two sons — Rossmore, 16, and Eugene, 14 — board a lifeboat. They were considered men, not children, and it was women and children first. Rosa held her sons’ hands as a wall of water washed them overboard. Mother and sons were pulled apart in the rush of the wave.

Rosa, the only woman pulled from the sea, was rescued but her sons were lost. (this written excerpt from an informational plaque at a Titanic exhibit)


All images in this post were captured and edited with my iPhone 6S+. View an extensive library of my purely iPhone photo artistry on my Instagram account @susantuttle. I’d love to share my techniques with you… find out more.