Self-LoveFest :: Erin Little

Writing a love letter to self is powerful. When we express genuine love for ourselves and all of the components that make us who were are — all of them — we begin to feel very good in our own skin. Confident. Free. Loving. Loveable. That’s empowerment! I am thrilled to have my friend, the beautiful, self-directed, talented photographer Erin Little share her love letter to self. Thank you Erin for being your authentic self with us. You invite us all to be vulnerable and real in our own lives, of which the rewards are immeasurable — true connection with others being one of the greatest rewards.Erin LittleDearest Self,

Do you know how much I love and care about you? Maybe you don’t…I can be rather cruel at times. I know I tend to pick you apart and sometimes my comments just aren’t that nice, but I really do value and love you. I’m working hard at acceptance, knowing that I have so much to be grateful for. You are always supporting me when I need it, and I should do nothing but the same for you.
You know what I love about you? I love that you work really hard and rarely let me down. I love that you have big ambitions. I love that you are active and the body you sometimes loathe is always there for you, holding you up.

I love that you have the ability to sing and dance, and the tiny stature you were born with has its benefits. Sometimes you feel so small, but you see it as an advantage and determine how it serves you. And your heart is big. So big and so full of love. Which is all anyone could really ask for.

So thank you for being what you are. Because I love it.



About the fabulous Erin:

A Maine native, Erin Little is a motivated and innovative photographer. An artist by inclination and design, her images reflect a deep understanding of her subjects. A highly praised photographer, Erin travels coast to coast for her assignments. Her carefully constructed aesthetic sense is reflected in her sought after images.