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Cabin Fever

I live in Maine but it feels more like winter in Alaska these days. Cold, cold, cold. Today was a high of 3. Overnight


I hope you are winding down from the bustle of the holidays, sinking into an easy chair or fluffy couch loaded with

ho ho ho!

I hope you all are enjoying the Season! xo

one room schoolhouse

The historical society in our town hosted an event called Childhood Past in one of the town’s restored one room

be sure to skip at least once a day…

…because you cannot help but feel happy when you do!

a flutter of activity

Foggy, gray mornings after rain entice me outdoors with camera in hand, macro lens attached. I look for spiderwebs

Autumn Unfolds in Maine

There’s a shift in the weather, in our schedules, in our bodies, in the light. The sun is noticeably lower in the

apple picking

Weekends are meant for sitting close together, moving slowly, being in and enjoying moments, and of course spontaneous

juicy tomatoes from our garden

Juicy, succulent, earthy, tangy sweet jewels ripe from our vegetable garden; the ruby fruits that mark the end of Maine

garden tour

The air is turning cold, especially in the evenings. I have pulled my favorite woolen sweater from the drawer more than

bittersweet summer’s end

We are savoring the last treasures of summer. The final beach days; splashing, playing, laughing in the sparkling

house warming party

It was a pleasure to meet fellow Maine blogger and talented photographer Erin Little of Bluebirdbaby. She and her

matcha tea ritual

Although I love my morning cup of coffee, I am slowly weaning from it, incorporating a healthier hot drink into my


Ikigai is a Japanese concept all about finding one’s passion in life; finding joy in living, in whatever form it

Climbing Mount Kineo

Climbing Mount Kineo with family and friends whilst on our camping trip to Moosehead Lake has formed a distinct and

Late July Gardens

My late July perennial gardens are full, at their peak; bursting with light, color, texture, form, and the sounds of

Take Your Photos From Good to Great! :: Create Artistic Lens Flare

It’s time for another Take Your Photos From Good to Great! I generally try to avoid lens flare in most of my

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking in a field alongside Merrymeeting Bay; a scentful mix of sweet ruby fruit and salted air from the

traditional bean hole

Welcome to a traditional bean hole supper. The process was originated by Native Americans and modified in Maine logging

tending to my roses

One of the gifts of summer is the joy of tending to my roses. All five climbing beauties. In my 14 years of gardening,

Bailey Island, Maine

Exploring Bailey Island, Maine with my love… Happy Weekend Lovelies! Time for adventure! XO

A Day Trip to Harpswell, Maine

Harpswell, Maine was our home when we first moved to Maine almost 15 years ago. We lived in the woods by the ocean. The

Mother, Daughter

We teach each other what it means to live. Today’s lesson…

the lilacs

fragrant life. sweet. soft. old soul. blooms beautiful light flooded daydreams in the crooks of my mind. slow

light, reflections, dreamy love

Its last breath takes my breath away. Coffee with my sweet on a Sunday morning. It imprints a memory that floats. And

Rainy Day Ice Cream

Settling in for a wet weekend here in Maine as the rain clouds hover for the duration. Time for board games, family