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Art of Everyday Photography Review

Written by Jana Holstein, Managing Editor of Somerset Digital Studio magazine

As the managing editor of Somerset Digital Studio magazine I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan Tuttle, who is my technical advisor, for several years. I’m so impressed with her kind spirit and immense talent! In Susan’s new book, Art of Everyday Photography, she touches on every aspect of photographing your life, and proves once again that she is a leader in the art of creative photography. Susan will help you focus on your creative intentions and guide you in making (not just taking) the very best photographs you can.

In her easy, friendly manner Susan explains how to break free from your camera’s auto mode and move toward manually controlling the features so you can hone in on the artistry of photographing your daily life.

Whether you’re just starting out in the photography arena or are already a seasoned expert, you’ll find Art of Everyday Photography, filled with wonderful tips and tricks, and inspiring work by top digital photographers.

The six chapters — Make Better Photos Right Now, Take Creative Control of Your Digital SLR, Portraits, Still-Life & Food Photography, Landscape & Nature Photography, and Everyday Life & Travel Photography — are broken down into easy-to-read and understand sections that cover every topic imaginable to creative fabulous images. Sidebars called “Read Me” call out important information that relates to each chapter; special tips that Susan wants the reader to be aware of. She also repeats information throughout the book to drive home important points and make them stick.

This book is meant to be read again and again, tucked in your photo bag for quick reference, or savored while sipping a hot cup of tea. I highly recommend it!

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