Evolving in Love

Hello my friend. I know it’s been a bit of a stretch since my last post. I’ve been on an exciting, winding, sometimes confusing, but ultimately fantastic journey of following my passions, exploring, learning, uncovering, unfurling, and stepping into realms that my soul has been drawn to and called to. As creative types, we are ever-evolving. Are you nodding? Wondering? Biting your lower lip, maybe?

Change. That’s what makes doing this job both elating and scary. There’s an aspect of impermanence. True of all things, really. And I made a contract with my soul years ago when I started this venture… that I would surrender to evolving, whether or not that meant having a career with it. I vowed to be authentic. Always.

In the past few years, I’ve felt myself being drawn in many directions, diving into seemingly unrelated interests, wondering what to embrace, what to let go of, how it might all come together in an authentic way, intersect and align, or if it even could or would. In the tangle of it all I just decided to let go and trust. Follow my interests, my instincts, embrace the opportunities that shimmered for whatever reason, and just see what would happen. The process was slow. Is slow. Murky at times but marked with moments of pinpoint clarity and confirmation. All good things truly do take time.

So, here’s what’s happening. Pivoting, as my cousin would say. And on a deeper level, I do think it’s related to what’s happening here in the US politically, environmentally, economically. Humanly. Earthly. State of Emergency.

I will, and always will, have a passion for photoart and teaching it. That, I suspect, will always remain, but there is more to me, and I want to be of service in the little time that I am here in a body…

I am drawn to the natural world. Now more so than ever. It’s my respite. What makes me feel whole. I have embraced rewilding as a lifestyle. I grew up in the woods. I live in the woods as an adult. It calls to me. Teaches me. Implores me to be a part of Her preservation. I have a deep love for Momma Earth. We need to save Her. Before it’s too late. And connecting with her, reconnecting actually, is key. Imperative. For all of us. It’s in our DNA. I’m a sensitive, empathic activist who has experienced burnout in these hard, teetering times. The aggressive, judgemental nature of activism is not fully working for me. I’m discovering that we can learn from and teach one another without judgement, aggression, attacking, and burnout. I’m discovering there is another way to be resistant, that doesn’t fit the popular activist paradigm. A softer, gentler way, that’s no less loud, or assertive, or imperative. A way that feels invigorating and life-giving. Lush. Not depleting.

Here’s what I can offer, in service, at this juncture in my life. And fortunately, it’s all coming together. I waited it out, and I’m glad I did.

I found a way to embrace making and sharing art, practicing herbalism, and coming out of the broom closet. Acts of love. And resistance.

All of this, in a way that intersects. All in a way that serves.

Some things need to die, in order for there to be rebirth. Yes? This blog for instance… I am letting go of regular posting here, at least for now. This website and its galleries and previous posts will remain, and I will continue to use it as a vehicle to share online course announcements and updates. Here is the shift… I am currently focusing my energies and efforts in these two places online:

@whisper_in_the_wood on Instagram, where I regularly share my still life photoart that has a witchy aesthetic, posts about herbalism, rewilding, reconnecting with the earth, witchcraft and what it means to identify as a witch in this day and age …a person in their power, in whatever form that takes. These are my forms of activism.

In the Wood Botanicals, my newly-launched shop, where I offer a line of wildcrafted, plant-based body care products I’ve made primarily from simple plant allies I’ve reverently and responsibly foraged from the woods, fields, and riverside that surround our home here in Maine. I practice a slow process of co-creating with these amazing, life-giving plants. Making a tincture, for instance, will take at least six weeks, as the plant slowly releases its medicinal properties into the liquid. The time and care put into this process both honors the plants and brings to fruition unique herbal products that are infused with the healing energy and spirit of the plants. Join me in this effort to reconnect with the Earth. Together we can make a difference.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you. Let’s continue to connect.

In Love,



iColorama Creative PLUS :: A BRAND NEW Mobile Art Course

I’m thrilled and delighted to be able to offer you a BRAND NEW extended techniques iColorama course that I’ve co-created with the multi-talented mobile artist, Nicki Fitz-Gerald.

You see, the iColorama app is SO versatile, SO extensive, that Nicki and I decided to collaborate a second time to bring you even more iColorama secrets, tips, and techniques. 

Nicki and I have carefully designed this course for both more seasoned iColoramists as well as beginners. The content serves both as a continuation of the iColorama journey for those who took the first course, and it serves as a stand-alone course for newcomers, so it has everything ANYone could need to get started creating amazing digital art right away.

Go have a look at all we’ve put into making this an engaging, inspirational, enriching experience for you…

iColorama Creative PLUS

There’s SO much for you to explore in this course.

Enjoy learning about new artistic treatments, blur and light effects, how to make images pop, tricks for incorporating stunning and effective typography into your compositions, extended techniques with masking, employing dynamic brush effects to energize your images and create movement, and so much more!

And it’s packed with new bonus materials as well — including additional video tutorials that carry the core training even further, and an exclusive set of Nicki’s Graffiti brushes created especially for this course.

And just as with all of my course offerings, you get Lifetime Access to all the content and you can work at your own pace and review as often as you like.

I hope you enjoy this short trailer I made for you, to give you a taste of what this BRAND NEW course is all about. Won’t you join us in this artistic adventure? (if you are on a smartphone, turn phone sideways to view in landscape mode)…


Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice

~the mystery of mushrooms~~Samhain still life scene~~jack on the wall~~matsutake and hen of the woods~
~nourishing homemade beef bone marrow broth~
~first snow~

**I invite you to enjoy individual Instagram posts for these “autumn into winter” images @whisper_in_the_wood, my ‘everyday life’ IG account.**

Seasonal Contemplation:

Autumn marks a time for weighing. What in our life do we wish to keep? To treasure and grow? And what do we wish to leave behind that no longer serves our highest good and potential? As I observe and record what’s happening in the woods and fields that surround my home, as we transition from autumn to winter here in Maine, I notice the same types of changes resonating inside of me and others, because we are all a part of this wondrous natural cycle. There are feelings of both fullness and completion. Energies are returning to the Earth. Apparent death. Winter. Which is a necessary part of the life cycle. Without it, there can be no rebirth.