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Features + Accolades

Winner of the Pollock Project Award, New Era Museum’s Impossible Humans :: The Unexpected Happening exhibition, Rome, Italy, March 11-26, 2016

Mobile Photo Awards 2015, 3 Honorable Mentions: in Self-Portraits, Portraits, and Landscapes categories

Add Instant Drama and Atmosphere to Your iPhone Photographs with Simulations and Other Surreal Effects, Manfrotto, October 2015

Create Rich, Intricate iPhone Pieces with a ‘Slow-Build’ Layering Technique, Manfrotto, October 2015

Make Enchanting Digital Paintings with Painterly Photo Apps, Manfrotto, October 2015

Create Ghostly Figures With Your Mobile Phone Using A “Double Exposure” Technique, Manfrotto, October 2015

Art to the 5th. :: Featured Artist, September 2015

Photography Editor for The Woven Tale Press, 2015

Blog feature on, April 2015

Autodesk Pixlr Desktop Gradient Lighting video tutorial, April 2015

Enhance Your iPhone Photos with Available Light and Simulated Light Sources, Manfrotto, March 2015

How I Transform iPhone Photos with Texture Overlay Apps, Manfrotto, February 2015

How to Give a Vintage Feel to Your iPhone Photos — 4 Tips, Manfrotto, February 2015

4 Tips to Transform iPhone Photos with Artistic Blur, Manfrotto, January 2015

The Woven Tale Press, February 2015, Vol. III No. 2

Juror for the Fourth Annual Mobile Photography Awards

Digital Photo Magazine feature, Contemplating Black and White, January 2015

Autodesk Pixlr Desktop Recipes video tutorial, January 2015

Stack Actions for Creamy Hazy Soft Looks, MCP Actions blog, December 2014

A Photographer’s Guide to Understanding Light, MCP Actions blog, November 2014

Art of Mob feature, October 2014

Article in the premiere issue of Bella Grace, 2014

Vision of Self – Our Collective, photo essay, September 2014

WCSH6 NBC television, Portland, Maine :: story on taking better iPhone photos, May 2014

2 of my formula presets (Ghost and Indigo) are included in the latest update of the app Stackables, version 1.5 released May 2014

iPhoneography article in Somerset Digital Studio magazine, Spring 2014

Technical Advisor for Somerset Digital Studio magazine, January 2014 – current

food photography/recipe feature on iVillage, February, 2014

Mobile Photography Awards 2013, honorable mention in self-portrait category

The Best of 2013 on iPhoneogenic

Opojeni — featured iPhone artist

Paris Mobile Photography Awards winner of the portrait category, exhibition Paris Mobile Photography Festival — Dojocrea, November 29 – December 1, 2013

OurCollective X by The Shutter Sisters and Camera Men, photography feature, December 2013 issue

Likes Magazine #4, guest editor

Shooter Magazine #3, 2013

iPhoneography article in Somerset Digital Studio magazine, Autumn 2013

We Are Juxt feature article, September 2013

American Aperture Awards 2013 (AX3), mobile photography nudes category winner, August 2013

Mobiography, June 2013

Alhurra TV’s online news platform (my tips for taking better iPhone photos), May 2013

guest curator for iPhoneogenic, May 2013

Blog feature on The Huffington Post, February 2013

iPhoneography Central features: July 2012, December 2012, August 2013, March 2014, May 2014, October 2014 (featured lead image), January 2016

Life in Lofi iPhoneography feature, October 2013

iPhoneogenic — Storytellers feature, March 2013

iPhoneogenic featured artist, February 2013

iPhoneogenic — The Best of 2012 ON IPHo!

iPhoneogenic features: Sept. 2012, Nov. 2012, Dec. 2012, April 2013, August 2013 and October 2013

We are Juxt 1000 Words Showcase/IPA: February 2013, March 1014

We are Juxt 1000 Words Showcase: January 2013, August 2013 and October 2013

The App Whisperer Flickr Showcase: April 2013, January 2013, August 2013, March 2014, April 2014, Grand Showcase 2014, January 2016

My blog was featured on, Austria’s leading online news platform, December 2012

Lys Foto — iPhoneography feature, issue 3

SCRATCHcam iPhoneography photo contest First Place Winner, March 2012

iPhoneography article in Somerset Digital Studio magazine, Spring 2012

iPhoneography feature at the Photo Argus — challenge winner

Silhouette photography feature at the Photo Argus — challenge winner

iPhoneography feature at Emotion Daily

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