tending to my roses

One of the gifts of summer is the joy of tending to my roses. All five climbing beauties. In my 14 years of gardening, taking copious notes in my garden journal each year, listening to garden radio talk shows, reading, and chatting with other gardeners, I have found the keys to growing the perfect roses, without harmful chemicals and pesticides. Roses have a reputation for being difficult to grow, but I will share with you what I have learned that has made the process very easy… I fertilize my roses with special rose fertilizer, once in the Spring and then again just before July 4th. I use this natural spray with spinosad to keep away pests and JAZ to keep them strong. That is it. They are perfect. So, I can enjoy them; close my eyes, get lost in their sweet fragrance, feel their soft, silk petals between my fingertips, and watch the bees drink in their liquid gold. And because I do not use pesticides or harsh chemicals, I can use the roses for culinary purposes like rosebud tea and candied rose petals.

Happy gardening! xo