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Tuttle700x700Badge_iPhoneography_workshopI am thrilled to announce that my iPhoneography online workshop, The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture, is NOW available through the website Photoshop Artistry!

This online workshop is all about creating extraordinary images with nothing but an iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad if that’s your preference). Whether you do portraits or self-portraits, it covers how to capture pro-quality images and then edit and manipulate them by stacking the right apps (in the right order) to create stunning creative compositions. Note: The techniques covered in the lessons can apply to practically any type of iPhone image.

And it’s more than even that, actually.

Because what you really get is an inside look at how I THINK through my images, all the while encouraging you to take the art of self-portraiture and use it to further yourself as an artist … and turn your everyday life into an adventure of self-discovery.

You can sign up right now and gain access to the class immediately, work at your own pace, and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content!


I was recently asked the question by fellow iPhoneographer and author, Bob Weil, “What value do you think self-portraiture has to the whole person as an approach to self-understanding and (dare I say it), self-love?” and this was my response…

Susan Tuttle online iPhoneography class quote

Enjoy this short video I’ve put together for you, with examples of my self-portraiture. The apps and techniques I use to create these types of pieces will be shared in my course!


Won’t you join me in your own process of self-discovery, in your own celebration of life?


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