Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice

~the mystery of mushrooms~~Samhain still life scene~~jack on the wall~~matsutake and hen of the woods~
~nourishing homemade beef bone marrow broth~
~first snow~

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Seasonal Contemplation:

Autumn marks a time for weighing. What in our life do we wish to keep? To treasure and grow? And what do we wish to leave behind that no longer serves our highest good and potential? As I observe and record what’s happening in the woods and fields that surround my home, as we transition from autumn to winter here in Maine, I notice the same types of changes resonating inside of me and others, because we are all a part of this wondrous natural cycle. There are feelings of both fullness and completion. Energies are returning to the Earth. Apparent death. Winter. Which is a necessary part of the life cycle. Without it, there can be no rebirth.