I am filled with endless excitement as I share this piece of news with you. Tap-In is a new feature I am developing on my blog that will present unique, inspiring interviews with creative types from various areas of the arts like painting, photography, sculpture/assemblage, mixed-media, collage, fiber arts, writing, floral design, music, cooking, and more. I believe that humans inherently have creative natures that root themselves in some form. When highly creative types openly share thoughts and ideas about their creativity and ways of life (and readers “tap-in” to that collective creative flow), it helps to nurture similar talents/callings/passions in others. This type of sharing has a rippling effect that can reach further than we ever imagined. Tap-In guests will help do just this, by answering a few interesting, not your run-of-the-mill questions and by sharing some of their stirring images.

Our first guests to grace Tap-In with their wonderful creative energies will be Madelyn Mulvaney, Susanna Gordon, and Christina Martin. More details to come very soon lovelies. I am so happy to share this with all of you!