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Today I have the pleasure and honor of featuring a very special individual on Tap-In — my friend and mentor, the multi-talented artist, philanthropist, author, leader, and inspirational speaker, Jenny Doh!

Jenny Doh Tap-In with Susan Tuttle

Do you have any life mottos? Any pieces of wisdom to share with us?

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

In other words … aim and work toward Plan A but always have a Plan B.

Define creative voice.
It’s the texture, color, volume with which you express who you are, what you value, in ways that are playful, beautiful, and unique.

When you create, are you messy? How much is planned versus spontaneous? Do you hold an outcome in your mind’s eye or is the end product a surprise?
My table might get messy but I myself stay pretty clean. That is, my apron stays clean, my hands stay clean (for the most part). My table gets pretty messy. My paintbrushes take a beating and are frequently abused and neglected and therefore replaced. It’s a costly habit. I don’t hold an outcome in my mind’s eye. I let the muse guide me along. The exception to this is when I’m doing art for a specific project with requests made explicitly of me.

What is balance?
Having things in such great working order within the things you are obligated to do so that you can run away for a day or two without having to suffer deep ramifications.

Jenny Doh Tap-In with Susan Tuttle

How do you know when a creation is complete?
Peaceful, easy feeling from within … signaling the release of the pen/paintbrush from my grip.

What scares you?
Being shallow. Doing shoddy work. Holding back what I am feeling too much and for too long until that feeling is forgotten or becomes distorted. That is, I think feelings need to come out when they are felt. Not every single thing but more things than we may think. I mean, even if they are flawed and troubled, at least they have a chance to be heard and remembered and honored for what they were when they were felt.

What types of people are you most drawn to?
Smart ones. Funny ones. (Usually, the truly funny ones are the smartest ones.)

Jenny Doh Tap-In with Susan Tuttle

What is your favorite travel destination (even if you haven’t been there yet) and why?
It used to be New York. This year, it changed to New Orleans. Great city, New Orleans. No place like it on earth. There’s a reason it’s called The Big Easy. It’s easy to be there. Easy to live. Easy to love.

What is happiness?
When you can love what and who you want


When you are wanted by what and who you love.

Jenny Doh Tap-In with Susan Tuttle

What do you love?
Fitness has always been a core value for me but this past year, with the major focus and commitment that I’ve given to it, I can say that fitness is now more than a value … it is a passion. I do love physical exercise and really look forward to finding new ways to cross-train and maintain this optimum level of fitness that I find myself in. I love how being fit enhances the way I interact with people, and also how it helps me approach my art … with greater strength and clarity.

Jenny Doh Tap-In with Susan Tuttle

Jenny is an author and packager of books. To date, she has created the following books:

  • Creative Lettering (2013)
  • Journal It! (2012)
  • We Make Dolls (2012)
  • Hand in Hand (2012)
  • Creative Pilgrimage
  • Signature Styles
  • Art Saves
  • Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration (co-author)

Discover all of her current and future books here on Amazon.

For her leadership in publishing, Jenny was recognized by Folio magazine as one of the top 40 leaders within the publishing industry.

In 1995, Jenny received her Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA and then worked for seven years as a social worker in child protective services in Orange County, California. She received her undergraduate degree in political science from UC Irvine and has served as President of UC Irvine’s Alumni Association.

Jenny and her husband raise their two children, Monica and Andrew, in Santa Ana, California. She loves to knit and crochet, stay fit, practice archery, and play the cello.

To learn more, visit www.crescendoh.com.

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