Criatura of the Forest

Criatura of the Forest

She nestles her flesh and bone into the cool, soft, moss-covered trunk. A piano plays in her mind… dark, tranquil, delicate passages from the Arietta of Beethoven’s last piano sonata… everlasting melodies of deep and slowly passing water. Her eyes naturally turn towards the river and open sky. The ravishing beauty she witnesses in that moment, the violet smoke, the last remnants of day, is felt in her heart like a spark of effervescence that rises at once from her chest to her throat to the top of her head, wetting her eyes. Resonant joy.

Oh holy place. Her church.

When the light goes dim, enveloped by the sable ink of nightfall, she moves, an angel-creature fitting in and out of the shadows of the forest, like a shadow herself.

Over the treetops rises a crescent moon. The stars grow thicker and brighter behind the clouds. She slips through the towers of hardwoods, dancing into the mellow glow of night.

-Susan Tuttle


iColorama Creative :: A Brand New Online Mobile Art Course


I’ve been away from my blog for a stretch, and that is because over the past several months my friend and talented mobile artist extraordinaire, Nicki Fitz-Gerald, and I have been hard at work constructing a brand new online mobile art course… one brimming with engaging content and inspirational projects. The course, which is truly a labor of love, is dedicated to teaching you how to make captivating painterly and collage-styled digital art with a powerful, artistic tool… the iColorama app. Check out the trailer I made for you, giving you a taste of the course.

And now… we are ready (and super thrilled) to share it with you!…

iColorama Creative :: with Susan Tuttle and Nicki Fitz-Gerald


To celebrate the release of this class, we’re making it available to you at HALF OFF, though only until midnight Sunday, December 31st., Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

We’ve put SO much into this for you.

This amazing app opens up an infinite array of artistic possibilities. You’re going to master iColorama’s numerous expert tools and effects, combine images, and harness the power of manual brushwork and masking.

This new training is going to transform your creative life.

We are so excited to see where it takes you!

Go have a look…



Autumn Vignette

a. turning leaves

b. decaying berries

c. homemade jelly from foraged apples

d. 12.5 pounds of foraged acorns

e. processing acorns step 2 of 5

f. acorn bread

g. nearby