Tap-In — Celine Steen of Have Cake Will Travel

Welcome to today’s Tap-In! I have been a huge fan of my next guest for quite some time, as her food photography and cookbooks are absolutely out of this world! It is a huge privilege to introduce you to Celine Steen of the gorgeous, highly-regarded vegan foodie photography blog Have Cake Will Travel — and yes I am more than a wee bit starry-eyed here. Welcome Celine!…List five words that best describe you.

Shy. Strong-willed. Hard-working. Obsessive. Introspective.Do you ever display your photography in your home?

My husband would like that, but I’m way too self-critical to do such a thing. Even when I like the photos I take, I end up finding too many flaws in them, the more I look at them. Good news about this is: no nail holes to fix when it’s time to move out and remove picture frames from the walls…
A hike in the Redwood Forest or an adventure through the streets of
Paris? Which one and why?

Definitely a hike! I’m not a fan of big (or small) crowds, and love nature & animals far more than I do shops & architecture.
Thank you Celine for sharing one of your recipes with us. The brownies look so delicious in your photo!:

Where to find Celine:

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