Tap-In — Celine Steen of Have Cake Will Travel

Welcome to today’s Tap-In! I have been a huge fan of my next guest for quite some time, as her food photography and cookbooks are absolutely out of this world! It is a huge privilege to introduce you to Celine Steen of the gorgeous, highly-regarded vegan foodie photography blog Have Cake Will Travel — and yes I am more than a wee bit starry-eyed here. Welcome Celine!… PIN PINList five words that best describe you.

Shy. Strong-willed. Hard-working. Obsessive. Introspective. PINDo you ever display your photography in your home?

My husband would like that, but I’m way too self-critical to do such a thing. Even when I like the photos I take, I end up finding too many flaws in them, the more I look at them. Good news about this is: no nail holes to fix when it’s time to move out and remove picture frames from the walls…
PINA hike in the Redwood Forest or an adventure through the streets of
Paris? Which one and why?

Definitely a hike! I’m not a fan of big (or small) crowds, and love nature & animals far more than I do shops & architecture.
PINThank you Celine for sharing one of your recipes with us. The brownies look so delicious in your photo!: PIN

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