on a quest for sparkle

Susan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographySusan Tuttle PhotographyI am a magic seeker, on a quest for sparkle in the everyday simple. A few things that are enlivening my world these days… I’m  feeling over-JOYed about the miraculous rebirth of my gardens (marveling at their lush return from solid, cold, barren ground)… I’m photographing columbine, lilacs (and burrying my nose in their intoxicating fragrance. SIGH), trollius globe flower and other beauties, building inspiring altars daily to invite tranquility and mindfulness into my space, sipping on local vanilla cappuccino and indulging in the lost art of letter writing, cloudgazing at wondrous shapes of hearts and angels on the everchanging canvas up above, melting my ego into the feel, smell and look of wet paint in the studio, sipping superfood smoothies I toss together with blueberries, strawberries, kale, reishi mushroom, wheatgrass, ceylon cinnamon, avocado, vanilla bean, banana, turmeric and black pepper, ginger, raw honey, and coconut milk, absorbing beauty-soaked, heart-rending cinematic art, writing poetry, making homemade rhubarb simple syrup, receiving the final shading on my treasured hawk tattoo by one amazing human (pics soon), and exploring entomophagy… yes, Love and I actually had June bugs for dinner. And they were delicious! We quickly got over the creepy thought that we were ingesting bugs. Did you know that 80% of cultures around the world regularly consume bugs in their diets? Edible insects are amazing sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, omega 3-s and fatty acids, with a nutritional content comparable to fish and meat.

Those are a few of the things bringing me wild adventure these days! How do you invite adventure into your everyday life?